Saturday, 17 October 2009


A few weeks ago we got approached to Customized this Louis Vuitton Trolley for the Korean super star G DRAGON

He is a Music sensation and style guru he is the number one Pop Star in Korea.
His image is very strong we think he has wicked taste and super-style.

We must say it was lots of fun working with him.

He is very Happy with the result

Joy all around !

Pharrell Williams in YEAR ZERO LONDON

Here is Pharrell with one of the first and Original Lyrics 4 Lyrics charms made of Lego.

Mr. Williams is a Big fan of Cult Animania so it was no surprise to see him in YEAR ZERO LONDON.

Being a Huge World Wide Super Star, he got a lego with the size to match.

Oh! We must say he has awesome taste ....

:) heheh


If you guyz dont know that YEAR ZERO LONDON is all about this new wave of style. There is a definite shift that is coming it is very powerful it melts into the androgynous but yet is still very beautiful.

It's a much more subtle form of beauty, more superior, more refined more Transhuman.

Here is a phot of Elly Jackson the singer from La Roux preforming on stage at Bestival 2009

Elly is looking FIERCE and out of this world wearing a Limited edition YEAR ZERO Holographic sequins Jacket.

Friday, 16 October 2009

New Boyz - You're A Jerk [HD Official Music Video 2009]


Guess what all the COOL KIDS wear in Los Angeles ?
The same thing that cool kids wear all over the world!
How do we know? this is how....

NEW BOYZ are fresh & young guyz all about individual style.
they have fun and make music with an infectious beats and clever lyrics they are L.A's hottest artists they have a big hit song YOU'RE A JERK. and their very own Dance to go with it.

Check all the super fresh Teens wearing YEAR ZERO L.A STYLE.
YOU KNOW the look would not be complete without the amazing Super CULTLyrics 4 Lyrics charms made of Lego.

YEAR ZERO fever is spreading it's going global

Frankie Goes LEGO

RELAX GO LEGO ! Check out this hot new video :Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (2009 Lockout Remix)

Frankie makes a transit stop at YEAR ZERO LONDON to stock up on cult supplies.... spot the AMAZING accessories made of Lego featured in this sexy video.