Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cherri V "Skool Daze" featuring Wiley (Official Music Video)


Don't worry V. we are all paying ATTENTION Now !!!

Cherri V. has come a long way and has Totally graduated from the Skool of DELICIOUS ... we Love the way she wears YEAR ZERO LONDON in this video.

The look is super HOT on her.

I feel sorry for the Students of that Skool,
It's No wonder the Amazing Wiley is in Detention, it must be VERY HARD .......Hard to concentrate that is, when V. is around!

No Seriously it's really good to see Wiley back in action.
We are BIG FANS of is his work and this Tune it's gonna be BIG TRUST ME!

Keep it up, we feel the Evolution!
Great job guyz !!!!