Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Cee Lo Green and Big Gipp's Late Night Shopping At YEAR ZERO LONDON

This week we had the pleasure to welcome Cee Lo Green AKA the Lady Killer and Big Gipp to YEAR ZERO LONDON , they had a late night shopping experience till way after closing time.

Cee lo spotted Bwoy Wonder and his brother Illamadi at the Sanderson Hotel Rocking their Lego Jewels well one thing let to anther before we knew it the GOODIE MOB had arrived to Carnaby Street and were on their way to the shop.

We had such a good time Louise was showing them everything ! Big Gipp Looked Amazing in all the special pieces and the New Legacy Jackets & Cee Lo was especially into all the FUNKY BLING Collection the 3 Finger Rings and The BIG Tag Chains.

It was amazing we got to talking about the up and coming Grammys and are working on some grate things.

The guys are lots of fun and have such a strong sense of style here at YEAR ZERO we are big fans! What ever they will wear it will look Spectacular I'm sure.